Admission Marketing Strategy

Promise Academy is a well-respected K–5 charter school in Memphis founded more than a decade ago. Still, it’s a constant struggle to recruit and retain students and families, particularly for Promise-Hollywood, which is located in a tough neighborhood with lots of charter school competitors. In addition, the school is actively seeking to welcome Hispanic families, whose numbers are growing in the neighborhood.


I worked with the leaders of the school to identify their unique story: The school symbol is a butterfly, and we developed ways to talk about their existing butterfly logo. Then I developed a suite of materials for them to use in recruiting, including door hangers to leave at homes during weekend canvases of neighborhoods as well as an updated print brochure, needed for charter school fairs and other events. All materials were produced in both English and Spanish. Recruiting is still a challenge, but now the school’s leaders are equipped to tell the stories that better resonate with their potential students and families.