Leanne Kleinmann Communications is founded on the belief that good listening leads to good stories, and great writing makes those stories sing. 

Whether you want to raise money for an important cause, get attention for a good idea, or make something complicated sound easy, it's all about telling the right story.

As a longtime journalist, I can see stories where other people can’t. I can hear what people are truly saying, even if they aren’t saying it clearly. I can make connections between people and ideas that are unique and valuable, then turn them into award-winning communications that explain something difficult or move people to action. 

I am a writer, but also an experienced editor, coach, and strategist.

I have years of practice in listening carefully, defining the goal, then executing projects on time and within budget. I am exacting, collaborative, and responsive. I love asking questions. I really love when those questions lead to ideas that are innovative and effective. And fun. 

I can help your story come alive for the people who need to hear it most. Let’s talk.