A place to dream.

I got a look inside the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Memphis yesterday, and it is COOL. Inspirational sayings on the wall. A co-work space for students and faculty. Colored Post-its, open meeting rooms, easy parking. 

Which got me thinking: How does the space you work in influence the work you do? And what is it about Post-its that make entrepreneurs so happy?

As someone who has been adamant about not working at home since I launched my business, I know that having an office, as well as being able to be creative there, is critical. But I've also discovered that what I really need is space to think -- someplace quiet, inspirational, affordable, and mine. I sometimes long for those days in The CA newsroom, when there was always someone interesting to talk to and something going on, but I think those days are over for me.

For now, I am happy with my own office space -- in the co-work space at Emerge Memphis, you should check it out -- and my own little stack of Post-it notes. Yep, they make me pretty happy.