On balance.

A bright, sunny afternoon. My computer and messenger bag are hanging from my shoulder, and I am walking toward my car, parked on the street outside of a friendly coffee shop where I have just had a meeting.

Next thing I know, my ankle turns and I’m falling … into oncoming traffic. I hear the sickening thud of my laptop hitting the pavement, and see my key fly out of my hand and go skittering into the street.

Oh, God.

I have thought a lot recently about how I want to work, and with whom, and on what. Even the logistics of a workday. You never realize when you work for someone else how many decisions are made for you. Where to sit. When to arrive. What a meeting looks like.

One thing you know, though, is that there will always be people around. Sometimes helpful, sometimes not. On the best days, they’ll help pick you up when you fall, listen to your concerns, and help you realize you are doing the right thing, or at least facing the right direction.

Today, I missed my people.

Though what happened in that street is another reason I’m glad to be building my new working life in Memphis.

The SUV I saw in the distance as I fell slowed immediately. By the time I had picked myself up, she was next to me, window rolled down, with a look of concern on her face.

“You okay, baby?” 

My computer has a tiny dent in one corner, and I may need to stop wearing these cute black platform sandals. And I will figure out where to sit, how to get through the days, and, best of all, how to focus on fun work that will feed my clients, my family, and, most importantly, myself.

It might take a few falls.

But yes, ma’am. I am okay.